Gregor Smith - Game Designer


Consume is a combat-puzzle game about rapidly navigating environments. Player's consume 'mess' in order to build up a charge ability that allows them to boost in orthogonal directions. They can then use this ability to destroy the mess generators and move through the level rapidly.

This was my first solo project which I made in DigiPen's proprietary Zero Engine over the course of 6 weeks.

Space King

Space King (I'm not great with names) is a 3D, first-person narrative game where players take the role of an adviser to the King of a goofy science-fantasy universe. Over the course of the game player's can gather support from various factions and, if they make the right moves, overthrow the King to take power for themselves.

This was my fourth solo project, second time working in Unity, and second time working in 3D. I created the game over the course of 5 weeks, including creating a dialogue system, including choices, using the Ink narrative scripting language. The goal of the project was to give players a feeling of fantasy and expression.