Gregor Smith - Game Designer


Hey! Thanks for checking out my website. Here I can tell you a little bit about myself.

I was born in Aberdeen, Scotland and grew up only a short distance from there. At a young age, like a lot of kids, I grew interested in playing video games. An interest that only grew as I got got older. Some of the first games I remember include a lot of disney movie-tie-ins like Tarzan and The Lion King, as well as others like the original Tomb Raider and James Bond Nightfire. Moving on from there are too many games for me to mention. As a teenager I felt an incredible urge to consume more and more media, an urge that I have since recognized was an attempt for me to have a wealth of knowledge to draw upon in my own work. As such, I can’t pinpoint when exactly I decided I wanted to make games but after a few years in a more traditional field I decided to pursue a degree in game design.

I was lucky enough to be able to move to the USA and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design from DigiPen Institute of Technology in Redmond, WA.

In my time as a designer I’ve found that I am particularly passionate about gameplay design and polish. I really enjoy building feedback into gameplay to make it more satisfying. As a relative newcomer to the industry the skill that I value the most is my ability to learn and adapt quickly.

I’ve worked on a number of team and solo projects. I’ve worked as a Game Director on a team of 12, and I’ve worked on a project for 15 months on a team of 6. As expected some of my most recent projects are those I’m most proud of. The Last Dragon expanded on my abilities as a leader and allowed me to gain experience in a number of design fields I had less experience with. Bannochburn allowed me to expand my abilities similarly into fields such as enemy design and A.I. design. Schemes was a unique project that tested my system design ability as I implemented a computer card game.

I'm looking for any opportunities (job or internship) in a design position, though I’m open to other opportunities if I’m qualified. I am a student so there are definitely things I don’t know but I’m certain that I can pick them up if it makes me a better fit for the position.

If I’m the right fit for your project, I’d love the opportunity to be a part of it!